The Five Footballing Halloween Horrors #4: Dodgy Decisions

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Staying loosely tethered to the Halloween topic this time is the despicably dodgy decisions that plague the game. I’m not talking about the sort of awful decision Marouane Chamakh makes every time he reaches for the hairgel, or the shocking decision made by Steve Bruce to get Titus Bramble and Nicklas Bendtner on the same team.

What you’re being haunted with today are the decisions made by our lovely referees and linesmen. ‘It’s such a hard job’ blahblahblah, sometimes these guys are so far off the boil they get frost around their whistles…

Geoff Hurst’s goal at the 1966 World Cup final ruled over the line.

Take a look for yourself at it in gloriously realistic colour, that is in right? No pressure, it’s only the World Cup Final between the two biggest rivals ever.

A superb finish, it’s tight on the replays but it’s there alright. The ref himself isn’t sure, so he consults the Russian savior of England Tofik Bahramov , and after a crazy nod of the head it’s given. Speaking of Bahramov, lets have a look at his point of view:

Oh dear, doesn’t look so concrete now. It doesn’t matter too much because I’m English so Wheeyyyyy and also they were on dope. Still the Germans bided their time, picked their linesman, and got their revenge…

Frank Lampard’s goal at the 2010 World Cup round of 16 ruled out.

44 years Germany waited for their moment to strike. Having had enough with Russians, Uruguayans were the way forward, specifically Mauricio Espinosa. Warning: This video is truly horrifying to all that support the Three Lions.

Wazza, describing how large a phallus the lino is

Still at least those two shots went in the goal…

Reading ghost goal in the Championship, 2008. Ghost goal, get it? It’s those linesmen again as Watford saw a goal go against them with out it ever crossing the line. Unlike Hurst and Lampard’s shots, the ball didn’t even go past the goalkeeper. I’ll let Clive explain:

‘Unbelievable Jeff!’ Those who would like to re-live the moment through Kammy can do so here.

Graham Poll gets three of a pair at the World Cup 2006. Australia vs Croatia in a decider to get through the group stage. Despite having an awful game, referee Poll spots a foul by Josip Simunic and books him. Later Simunic crops up again, and it’s another yellow for the fallback.

Simple task, you book a player, write his name down. You book him again, consult your book (if you really need to) and send him off. Poll didn’t like this method. He left Simunic to play on after his second yellow. Unbelievably Simunic gets in Poll’s face and gets himself a third booking and finally a red.

Failure follows the English through all major tournaments

Diego Maradona borrows god’s hand, World Cup 1986 quarter final. The most famous of them all, classic England: unfair decisions, warfare rivalries, abysmal goalkeeping. For those not in the know take a gander:

Bit unclear isn’t it? I mean your immediate reaction is handball or witchcraft; Peter Shilton isn’t the tallest goalkeeper, but he is eight inches taller then lil Diego. Lets just take one more look…


Of course Argentina went on to win the game, England repressively seething to this very day.

Santacruzense 1-1 Atletico Sorocaba, Paulista Football Federation Cup, 2006; young lad on debut grabs 89th minute equaliser. Oh yeah, HE’S A BALL BOY!

I can’t even begin to…expl… just watch this:

You don’t need me to tell you but, the ref was a lady.

What you gonna do? Make me work for talkSport?

Truly horrifying stuff from the men (and women) in black there, if it gets any worse they’ll be scoring the goals like they do in fifa.

Oh wait.

Stick around for more Halloween scares.

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