2011-12 Season First Impressions Part 2

No… not these kinds of impressions. I’m talking about what to make of the Premier League season thus far.

Due to my uncompromising, absolute view, I’ll run through five things that have disappointed me here, that should balance out my karma of five things that have impressed me from part 1. Then we can cap it all off with what is, without doubt, the best goal of the season currently.

I’ve been disappointed by…

Blackburn Fans

After my gushing praise for the stoic Steve Kean, this was an obvious one. Where to begin… Protesting is okay, but what are you protesting? The team aren’t playing badly, anyone can see that, but I grant you they are losing – which isn’t great to watch as a home fan. So they want the manager out.

What is the objective of that? To get a new one in (duh), but what if he were no different? Would they want him out too, would they want to keep cycling through managers until they raise out of the relegation? Because just like a back four or a striking partnership, a permanent manager is important. The fans who have had managers in and out every year (without all that cash, Chelsea) know what I mean here: unpredictable form and no solid lineup – not ideal when battling relegation.

Nevertheless, Blackburn were losing and were in relegation so I can understand the fan’s complaints to some degree. Obviously, these things aren’t easy to organise, but it was clear that Kean wasn’t going to give in to the pressure, so why not change tact?

Image the scene: Blackburn at home to equalish opposition are one down and looking for a boost. The players look to the stands and see a full house of wet Lancashirians cheering them on. Terrace songs, boo’s for the opposition, smiles – Blackburn are getting back in that game. But what do they see instead?

'Yeah, I really want to give it my all for you guys'

Come on Blackburn fans, your club needs you.

Steve Bruce

I condone Bruce’s sacking. Before you get your knickers in a twist, I know it might seem contradictory considering what I said about Steve Kean in part 1, but I wasn’t really asking for time – I think Kean’s pretty much there. Bruce had to go because it wasn’t going to get any better.

I’m not even going to ‘show my workings’ with this one, I’m going to biasedly list what suits my case like all good journalists. These are some of Steve Bruce’s signings and loan deals, and they were all starters under Bruce:

  • Lee Cattermole
  • Titus Bramble
  • John O’Shea
  • Wes Brown
  • Nicklas Bendtner

Any team containing those players will never win on anything like a consistent basis. Look at this headline: the guy was clueless.

The ‘Best’ Goalkeepers

What I mean by best are the table topper’s stoppers in Joe Hart and David de Gea. Perhaps their minds are clouded with talk of International careers and large transfer fees, but they don’t impress me.

In Hart’s case, my standards are high. He is England’s goalie and looking for a Premier League winner’s medal. The Champion’s League is  a good place to test a talent like this; the best of the best.

City conceded in four of their six group games, I can’t remember thinking that Hart couldn’t have done better for most of them. He even got the assist on both the Bayern Munich goals at the Allianz, you know when he’s at the pub because there’s beer all over the floor.

Sometimes I feel Hart’s mistakes aren’t costly because his team score so many, but they were in that group.

Doesn’t get much better for David ‘are the doughnuts free?’ de Gea. For me Anders Lindegaard was the better in the Champs League, and I’d be playing him for the bigger games. Perhaps de Gea can use age as a bit of an excuse for a while, as he is young for a top flight goalkeeper, but put it this way:

With Hart estimated at £16 million and de Gea costing £17.5 million and Michel Vorm costing £1.5 million, who would you rather have?

Wolves fans

Yep, another batch of fans. I generally dislike people, so why not? This is in reference to the large portion of Wolves fans who ‘got their boo on’ during a couple of lost home games during a losing streak. When they lost to Newcastle at Molineux they even sarcastically cheered (captain) Karl Henry’s substitution. Then came the Swansea game.

By the time of the mid-game whistle, Wolves were 2-0 down at home. They weren’t being outplayed, but the crowd were growing restless and booed the team off. That is never going to help, and is especially disappointing considering Mick McCarthy’s pleas to cease the booing after the Newcastle game.

By the time of the second half the crowd were popping out a bit of ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’, you know, for moral. But Mick did know what he was doing. He brought on Guedioura and Milijas, and then Vokes on 83 minutes. All three substitutions were booed. The manager, the players coming off, the players coming on – I don’t know who they were jeering, it sure wasn’t to help though.

Three minutes later it was 2-2 and Wolves stopped the losses with a remarkable comeback. I bet McCarthy felt like giving the finger to every fan that booed those subs. He summed it up better with words though:

“Every one of my players give 100% every week. If we don’t win, I’m more than happy to listen to the boos and the jeers, because that’s what happens.

But whilst the players are on the pitch, 100% effort from us, and 100% effort from the fans. It’s a joint venture, isn’t it? We’re all part of it, and we should all be in the tent, peeing out, not outside the tent, peeing in.

Because let me tell you, once that starts, then there’s trouble.”

Mick’s sage words are well seen at Blackburn.

MotD’s Movember Attempt

As I’ve covered before, Movember had its ups and downs but, come on guys… what are you doing?

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