Infographic: 20,000th Premier League Goal

So young Mark Albrighton got the magic goal and some dosh for a charity of his choice. Don’t know who Barclays think they are handing out all this wonga but so long as it’s for a good cause…

I know this one has been all over the online football community like a badger on a lorry tyre, but who can resist footy-based infographics? Not I.

That's one less than Pele...

Wow, Robinson is better than N'Gog

Can't believe Everton have conceded 940 goals...

Spike in '99/'00... Of course, the Prem did have Wimbledon and Watford in then...

So what have we learnt? Well, in terms of entertainment, we are watching the highest scoring football since the inception of the Prem, Alan Shearer really was the best, and right-backs need to pull their finger out.

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