Infographic: Why Liverpool Can’t Score

So yet another Anfield game and yet another draw for Liverpool. Detractors will point to the worryingly low conversion rate and goal tally of the Reds, while King Kenny will curb your eyes to their undefeated home record and tiny goals conceded tally.

Wherever you find yourself looking, Tottenham highlighted the issue that has been pulling Liverpool to the sticky grey gloop that is Premier League mid-table; against a block of determined players they really struggle to score.

This leads me to today’s infographic. I was perusing a football tactics forum when some bright spark described the goal scoring situation at Anfield as a ‘Maze-like Puzzle’. After thinking how inapt that simile was I must’ve felt sorry for the descriptively challenged lad because I went and made his chosen words come true.

Have a pop and see how hard it really is to get a goal in a red strip.

So there you have it. How did you fair? Probably better than Carroll and co…

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2 thoughts on “Infographic: Why Liverpool Can’t Score

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