The Anfield Cat’s Unlucky Friends

The first dour half of Liverpool’s misfiring frontline vs a team of Scott Parkers was punctuated by a cat taking a little jog over the pitch on Monday. But you already knew that of course, you’re probably following the Kop kitty on Twitter.

'I can haz football?' - The internet

It was all fun and games, and he was comfortably swept up by the soft, fleeced gloves of a caring Anfield steward. But the football pitch isn’t always so kind to animals, it can be about as safe as Mario Balotelli cartwheeling under the Alex Ferguson Stand sometimes. Perhaps we should rejoice that the Anfield Cat got out… alive.

Zulte-Waregram v Sporting Lokeren – Duck Launched

After some exceptionally lazy eyeballing round the internet I can confirm the duck was okay, so it’s okay to laugh at the carelessness with which Habib Habibou nonchalantly chucks the quacker. Duuuuuuckkk!

Deportivo Pereira v Athletico Junior – Owl Punted

This one doesn’t have such a nice ending. Athletico’s mascot manages to get himself on the field in an attempt to link up in a passing triangle, only the football is as big as him. After being stunned by the ball, the referee stops play to get the bird off. Then up steps bird-brained defender Luis Moreno who whacks the creature over the line.

The bird survived the ordeal with a broken leg but later went to the great pearly gates in the sky. Moreno’s excuse? – He didn’t know it was their mascot.

Dynamo Kiev v Athletico Madrid – Chicken Run

A majestic owl, with its grace and precision? A common duck, capable of flying hundreds of miles? Both lost out. Turns out if you want a bird who can survive the threats of the football pitch look no further than the chicken.

Many consider Messi fairly original with his style of play, but this chicken was doing it in the Cup Winner’s Cup final in 1986!

No wonder Kiev won 3-0, check out that Athletico defending!

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