The Division One/Premier League All Time Table

Haven’t posted for a while as I had a touch of the Torres’, but seeing as he’s scored now (two goals against Leicester with an abysmal Kasper Schmeichel in goal does not mean he’s back, that will never happen) I had better get back on it too.

I can’t find a specific source for this but some fastidious statistician somewhere has collated all the points by teams in the top tier of English football since ‘back in the day’, from Division One to Premier League, and put them in their very own table.

Blackburn's goal difference is still disappointing.

No huge surprises here. Paisley and Fagan have Liverpool streaming out ahead, whilst Arsenal show that they had pedigree before Monsieur Wenger, the rest of the top half being filled out by the usual suspects. And Derby County.

Everton might seem suspiciously high to some, but considering their give-or-take 108 seasons in the top flight it isn’t that unlikely. The real surprises come further down the table when some truly unlikely names pop up. Oxford United and Bradford Park Avenue make appearances higher than the likes of Hull City and Millwall. But they aren’t the most unfamiliar faces…

Wait, Darwen and Glossop North Who?!

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