Fowl Blackburn Put Down the Pecking Order After Playing Chicken with Relegation. But who does the ‘cluck’ stop with?

After setting the latest record for zero shots in a game, Blackburn became the second team to get relegated, a first in eleven years for them. They went out without so much as a ‘buckaw’ as a superior team in the shape of cocky Wigan rightfully secured their safety. Although we did get a look at their latest signing:

The whole thing was a eggcellent opportunity for yokes

Unfortunately for them that wasn’t a joke. Morten Gamst Pederson was commented on by a pundit as having someone else’s boots on, when a more accurate description would be playing with his feet on upside down, and the rest weren’t much better.

This game didn’t get Blackburn relegated however. But what did? Well let’s ask around…

Fans that don’t know they blame the players: These guys are the ones in between those burning Steve Kean effigies who don’t like the Indian chicken merchants that own the club. Their main gripes are the appointment of Kean and the selling of players like Phil Jones and Christopher Samba, without much purchasing balancing it out.

We’ll get to Kean, but in terms of the players that left, I don’t know how much the owners have to do with it. It’s always brought up but short of throwing more money at them, what else can you do to convince a player not to leave? And what lengths do you go to until you decided that someone who wants to leave that much should be let go?

In terms of inbox players, replacing the 6’4″ frame of the brick wall that is Samba and the future England captain (copyright Jamie Redknapp) is no mean feat, players like that wouldn’t come cheaply or at all. So the only solution is to buy players that aren’t quite there yet and develop them. Players like Grant Hanley (made a regular by Kean), Bradley Orr, and the fairly experienced Scott Dann – all decent defenders.

And don’t forget the free transfer of Yakubu who’s been great this season, Scottish international and kebab shop brawler (seriously skip to 5:00 and watch that guy plant it on a bin) David Goodwillie, and the talented Simon Vukcevic in attack.

The problem isn’t with the investment. The players that left weren’t instantly replaceable and the rest under-performed. Leave Venky’s alone, a £10 million investment plus debt wiping is a good thing.

I know recently, with thanks from Jack Straw (yeah that’s Mugabe), that it appears all is not well with Venky’s financially, but neither would it be with your business if you just lost out on a £100 million cheque.

Fans that want Steve Kean out: Or should I just say Blackburn fans.

…’And hire me instead!’

Maybe Steve isn’t the guy to take Blackburn towards the Europa League, but I can’t help feel that it isn’t his fault they’re relegated this season. They deserved to finish no higher than 16th but no lower than 17th.

At Christmas they were bottom of the table and looked done. Now, maybe due to too much turkey, the fans sort of gave up their campaigning. This caused something magical to happen – they pulled themselves back from the brink and out of the bottom three completely. At that moment they were teetering, then the fans descended again and bang – the positions started dropping.

With some real encouragement from the people who matter I think they would’ve survived a difficult season and then been able to unite and move on.


The fans. Oh come now, don’t be like that. Yeah, they pay their hard earned cash to watch their team but what else do they do at the game? Endlessly boo and shout that they want their manager sacked and their owners gone.

I understand, but I don’t believe it a) helped b) worked c) won them much sympathy. How would that affect you if you were playing?

You lie there face down in the mud patch that constitutes the away team’s goalmouth. It is bucketing it down.

Your chest feels like it is going to explode after that 60 yard dash, and for what? You missed the shot anyway. A stud away from glory. ‘Don’t worry’ you say ‘we’re making chances, we can win’.

You pick yourself up and look into the stands. Do you see applause? Banners of pride, remembrances of past victories? No. You see vast seas of bed sheets, awash with negativity. And the boo’s. Are they for you? Or the gaffer?

Man, what must it be doing to him? And to his family life. Why don’t people realise he’s trying to do his job as well as he can?

And why do they want the owners out, they were in charge when I was signed, do the fans not like me?

Now dig deep and play as well as you can for those fans.

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2 thoughts on “Fowl Blackburn Put Down the Pecking Order After Playing Chicken with Relegation. But who does the ‘cluck’ stop with?

  1. AnonW says:

    As an Ipswich supporter, we had the pleasure of seeing Keith Andrews in our team for six months. Not sure, why he ended up at WBA, but it could be Blackburn were greedy or Keith thought, he might get a contract playing in the Premier League. On the other hand, I’ve heard interviews with Keith and he doesn’t seem to be too thick, so perhaps he just did the arithmetic and took the job that paid most in real money, rather than virtual chickens.

    I’ve always had a soft spot for Blackburn and I’m old enough to remember Dave Whelan breaking his leg in the Cup Final, which effectively lost them the game.

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