Quarter Final 2: Review

The reason this post is quite late is because I don’t really know what to say about the game. In an effort to disguise my incredibly poor writing ability, I will now drone on about the predictability of the game and throw in a funny picture or two. Probably of players being kicked in the nads, because that’s funny. Right?

I’m not saying it was a boring game by any means, just the result was inevitable and we all knew what would happen. Some eyebrows may be upturned at the 4 and the 2 but the numerical decendancy of them will be surprising no one.

You don’t need me to tell you that Greece relied on Germany’s pressure, endlessly crushing them like a hedgehog under a Volkswagen Touran, to coax their defence up the field – whereby they could be caught by a lofted ball to the pacey Dimitris Salpigidis (Greek player of the tournament). While Germany relied on the backup brigade up front as they flexed their huge subsitutional muscles.

Greece seem to be getting a lot of stick from various pundits and other schmoes for their style of play. There is a difference between changing to a Catenaccio because you feel the opposition are too good, and that being your initial style of play. They are proud of the way they play and it shows great discipline, teamwork, and passion to pull it off in the manner that Greece do.

Unfortunately for them, that tactic usually results winning by one goal to nil – something that becomes a problem when you are up against an endlessly efficient goal creating machine.

There’s really only one way to beat an opponent bigger than you

Germany meanwhile showed us that they can be resting players like it ain’t no thang because they have stacks of quality. I noticed Sami Khedira was getting a lot more attacking opportunities in this game and thought that would be a problem. I said during that game ‘if it comes to it he can only really kick the ball in a straight line’, well that seems to be effective enough when the ball is moving at 80mph.

Klose popped up with his token goal, keeping the deadly deutschman to more than a goal every other game for his country, and goals in five separate tournaments. Having never seen him play much club football I rely on others, and I rarely hear glimmering things about his club performances, but damn does that guy know how to score for Germany.

But then who knows what the Germans get up to at club level…

Other good players include the entire German team, management, backroom staff, and Georgios Samaras.

No not just because he scored, I have enjoyed his motivation and effort this tournament and felt it was right for him to get a goal. Not many international center forwards would be as committed and willing as he is to play out wide at a whim and track back frequently. The goal he scored showed good nous (and perhaps a foul) and I think he deserved to get the unlikely consolation prize.

So we say goodbye to the Greeks. They have defended valiantly this competition, never looking down and out for long. But despite all this we know how the battle of Thermopylae wad destined to end.


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