Di Matteo Canned: Some Reactions

To the shock and amazement of everyone, Chelsea have sacked their manager. As regular as the boxing day fixtures, the blues are now looking for their ninth manager in nine years.

If anything, taking the job is like an investment; sign for a few years, buy some expensive players, rely on Mourinho’s anyway, get sacked in under a year, get huge payout and sympathy.

Let’s hear some reactions from around the footballsphere…

Roberto di Matteo

Are you freaking serious? I won you the Champions League! With Torres! You should be making me the lord of Kensington and Chelsea, my seat in the dugout should be solid gold! We’re third in the table and can still qualify the from the CL group for god’s sake! Are you actually mental?

Roman Abramovich

Chelsea Fans 

This is getting ridiculous now. Our club is run by the modern-day Henry VIII, the dust just begins to settle and bam! another head goes rolling. It was nice having a manager that meant something more to the club that being a successful foreigner, and the trophies, oh the trophies that have allowed me to justify our ludicrous spending to all my friends. Everyone will be on my case again now, ‘too much money and no sense’ they’ll all sa- Pep Guardiola you say? Sweeet.

Jose Mourinho

Well duh, that isn’t my midfield.

Rafa Benitez

Hello? Abu Dhabi Travelodge front desk? Yeah, Rafa. The Spanish guy. No, not Nadal. No, not the fat one! Well yeah I am… larger than him but that isn’t the point. Get me a plane to London.

Reasonable People

Chelsea will beat Nordsjaelland, they will then only need Shakhtar to beat Juventus in Donetsk. Shakhtar very rarely lose at home and Juventus only managed a draw with them in Italy so it will be a very close game. Obviously you don’t want your fate in someone else’s hands but it’s not inconceivable that Chelsea will go through. Anyone? Can anyone hear me?

The Chelsea Dressing Room

Terry: Wow, I actually liked this one.

Cole: Yeah, hadn’t even started plans to get him sacked yet, you gonna go for it John?

Terry: I was but it might be fun to toy with Benitez a bit before I take charge.

Cole: That would be fun. Feel sorry for Oscar though, he’s had his head in his hands for hours now.

Terry: Oh don’t worry, he’s just practicing for the next game.

Post or Worse


All thanks to Mark Hughes’ silver tongue

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7 thoughts on “Di Matteo Canned: Some Reactions

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    After winning Cl, Di Matteo deserved one full season at least!

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  4. Prashant says:

    It’s a great blog man.

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