Proof the World is Going to End

As you are probably aware, this is your last day in life as the end cometh tomorrow. But what evidence do you have for this? What divine sign do you, the football fan, have? How about Giovinco’s goal:

Pretty standard stuff aye? That Juventus goal was scored eight days ago on the 12th. Of the 12th…of the 12th. Meh.

Yeah Giovinco scored on 12/12/12, during Juve’s 12th home game of the season, so what? Well coincidentally it was his 12th goal for the club. It was a fairly early goal in the second half, coming in the…hmm…12th minute. Well that’s a bit strange, lots of coincidents really, he probably wears the number 17 or something…

That was their 12th hug

That was their 12th hug

See you in hell!


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