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3 Other Videos of Ball Boys Getting Owned

Of course, I should be sitting here condemning what Eden Hazard did to the jammy Swansea ball boy, but the way the Chelsea fans behind the incident reacted tells me that there might be a market for the abuse of ball boys.

Free entry has to cost something!

Free entry has to cost something!

So if you have a penchant for seeing the young ball smugglers belted, watch on…

Ball boy owned by Santos’ Adriano

He’s actually quite a big ‘boy’ but Adriano makes no bones about making the kid eat pitch drainage to stop him getting the ball. The midfielder got away with it too:

Ball boy owned by Boca Unidos’ Sessa

After some time spent tapping his toes, the keeper scores a direct headshot. And while the pain seems to take a while to set in, the red card wasn’t far away:

Ball boy gets completely owned by a deflection

A comedy classic ensues after a Central Coast Mariners’ shot goes over in an A-League game:

Bonus Clip: What Hazard should have done

How to take the ball from a ball boy without being branded as a child abuser from the coolest cucumber in international football, Jogi Loew:


Eden Hazard Kicks a Ball Boy (GIF)

Welcome to the latest controversy ladies and gents.



Eden Hazard is in for a world of pain now; the press, the angry fans, the angry opposition fans for years to come – he will pay for a long time. And not to mention the lengthy suspension that’ll be heading his way soon. You can’t feel sorry for him however, what was he thinking? Maybe he’ll become the next Suarez…

Meanwhile, feel no sympathy for the time-wasting little schemer either, as he is soon to be in possession of some signed shirts, twitter followers, and Chelsea tickets.

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Let’s look forward to either Bradford or Swansea in Europe next season!


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Neil Lennon Gets Owned by Journalist’s Wife (Video)

Celtic manager Neil Lennon has had a good season this far; steaming away with the SPL title, surviving the Champions League group stages, beating Barcelona, and making Rod Stewart cry. So you’d think that everyone involved with the Scottish club would be more than happy to chat to the man – well not if you’re playing the role of an 1950’s angry housewife on the phone!

One journalist made the error of using his smartphone as a recording device for Lennon’s interview without blocking calls, so when it rang Lennon answered it for a giggle and, as fun as that sounds, it didn’t impress the wife on the other end of it one bit.


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