Proof the Invisible Man is a QPR Fan

So we all remember QPR’s loss to Liverpool the other day right? They sucked, an immense amount; lackluster and clueless. Well imagine if that was your team (apologies if it is), how would you cope? There in the stands on a cold and damp night watching your beloved R’s fail miserably to compete with a pretty average passing team.

Well it was all too much for the Invisible Man. Maybe he had a bad christmas; people forgetting to give him any turkey, talking about how rubbish his presents were right next to him. Maybe he wanted to make the ultimate protest against this awful performance. Maybe he was trying to flatten Jordan Henderson.

Either way, the Invisible Man is no more. He topped himself on some advertising hoardings. Look away if you don’t wish to see a man gently float to his death.

R.I.P. QPR’s survival hopes




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