‘Arry ‘Ypocrisy: Loic Remy and Yann M’Vila to QPR

So it looks like QPR are set to sweep up two Ligue 1 properties in the form of Marseille striker Remy and Rennes defensive mid M’Vila. Both players have been attracting interest from Prem club in recent times; Remy was just snatched from under Newcastle’s noses and M’Vila was looked at by both Arsenal and Tottenham.

On a side note, you’ve got to feel for Newcastle: no Ba, probably no Coloccini, maybe no Ben Arfa, and no Remy. I can hear Pardew’s P45 being printed.

Now both these players seem good, and fine purchases, but there’s some problems. The first is that they both sorta suck currently. Remy’s goalscoring hasn’t been impressive this season but it’s M’Vila that seems more like dodgy goods. The gladiatorial Frenchman is currently banned from the national team until after Rio 2014 for a taxi trip to the boozer on duty, and there’s your usual smattering of alleged assault and shouting at fans. All of which has left him on the bench, teetering on being another footballing what-if-wonderkid.

The second problem is the cost; 7-8 million a piece with (warning: paper speculation) wages of £70-80,000 is not sustainable for club like QPR. Sure they’re rich, but only to a degree. They have a lot of over-paid, under-performing players who are picking up a hefty packet and these two just have that smell of foreign prima donna about them. I think they’re gonna flunk for a while unless ‘Arry cuddles them extra hard.

These problems combine to make the biggest one of all: are the R’s becoming Pompey mk.II? Is Redknapp once again buying faltering players on timebomb wages to keep a team up, whereby he can take all the glory of being a miracle worker, and leave the club in question slowly crumbling financially.

Let’s look at an interview with Redknapp in mid-December:

I don’t want to spend the owners’ money really. I’ve got to be honest with you. I don’t want to see the owners have their pants taken down like they have in the past. A lot of agents have made an awful lot of money out of them.

I fined (Jose Bosingwa) last week and he was earning more than anybody was on at Tottenham, so that tells you everything. We’ve got a stadium that holds 18,000 people and shouldn’t be paying big wages.

And let’s look at him this morning:

Image from http://fourfourtom.lockerdome.com/media/104889503


I wrote the whole thing just to put that here.


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