4 Moments England Were Great from England vs Brazil

Tonight Brazil come to Wembley which is bound to be a delight, especially considering they have Ronaldinho and Neymar in their ranks. Although Seaman isn’t playing, the yellows are still going to prove a real mission for England. So to give you confidence (or to look back on as a pick-me-up) here are five moments when England bested Brazil.

Graeme Le Saux Volley in 1995

Le Saux wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, mainly because he had some sort of education, but England fans didn’t mind him when he looped this beauty in. Here’s him looking back over a ridiculous Roberto Carlos tackle, the goal, and then looking like a plonker trying to recreate it.

John Barnes Brazils Brazil in 1984

Undoubtedly one of England’s greatest goals. For a few seconds we threw away our physical, long ball, bland football as Barnes showed that his dribbles are as slick as his rapping and stunned the Selecao

Bobby Moore Produces a Masterclass in 1970

Few people remember a tackle. People can remember all the specifics of a goal, even a save, but never tackles. Or rather ‘people never remember any other tackles’ because several of Moore’s tackles against Brazil’s Pele and Jairzinho were perfection.

The footballing gods of attack and defence

Not only are the tackles perfectly timed and executed, but Moore retains possession afterwards. You will never ever see a better tackle than the second one.

Gordan Banks Denies Pele in 1970

Or perhaps that should read ‘Banks denies space and time’ because this save is impossible. Straight away, having a shot from Pele come at you severely reduces the odds that you aren’t going to be picking it out of the net, but for it to be on the goal line to your side before you can react means it’s probably game over.

Well guess again as Banks pulls off ‘The Save’.

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