3 Immense Back Heel Own Goals (Videos)

Own goals are great. Just ask Jamie Carragher, who has never been able to get enough of them. But even the Merseyside maestro of scoreline mutilation has never had the stars of misfortune, incompetence, and tomfoolery align to grant him the most glorious type of oggy: The Back Heel O.G

Needs to score three actual goals this season to break even before he retires

Needs to score three actual goals this season to break even before he retires

As unlikely as this beautiful piece of unskill may seem, there have been a flurry (of two) lately. Let’s laugh and cry along with them before revealing the grandmaster of appallingly good own goals.

Misfortune – Galatasaray vs Orduspor

‘Course, the most likely way for these calamitous situations is just bad luck. A low drop kick from the goalie would rarely be so costly were the footballing god of misfortune not looking on…

Incompetence – Xerez vs Sabadell

Now Gala went on to win that game up there despite the keeper getting an assist on chipping himself. That’s not good enough, for a much better quality of back heel own goal you have to cost your team everything. You need something like… most of a rainbow flick into your net in at 0-0 in the 95th minute?

Image from 101greatgoals.com

Or click here to watch the full clip and feel the disappointment.

Tomfoolery – Sun Hei vs Citizen AA

What can you say about this? I don’t posses the prose required to do it justice. Festus Baise is like a beautiful gazelle falling down a staircase. The very goal itself is an oxymoron and the scorer, well, he’s just a moron.



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