Sol Campbell Owns My Dad

My Dad is a big Spurs fan, so you can imagine his delight when the former England, Tottenham, and Arsenal defender Sol Campbell walked into his workplace. After taking a moment to make sure it was him, my Dad went over to ask for his autograph.

He said Sol was a really nice fellow and certainly had the imposing physique that we’d all associated with the big center back. Not chancing missing the situation for a joke my Dad asked Sol to sign it as the Tottenham player he’d enjoyed watching – not the Arsenal rival he later became.

His move was mainly met with negative views

His move was mainly met with negative views

Campbell signed two autographs and gave my Dad a noticeable smile.

When my Dad got home from work he was excited to show me the autographs of the legendary player. There we were recounting what a quality defender he was when we noticed two numbers among each autograph: a two and a three.

“Sweet, he put his shirt number on there” I said slightly jealous that my Dad had met one of his teams greater players. One of the ‘threes’  looked a bit like a five though, and as we couldn’t remember his Spurs number we decided to look it up online to get the definitive on which one it was.

After a quick google, we discovered that Campbell wore a number 6 for England and a 5 for Tottenham. So what could the 23 be then? I think you know…

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That was one costly joke.

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