Flashback Football: Ronaldo Stuns Old Trafford – 2003 (Video)

So tonight two of Europe’s heavyweights meet at the Theater of Dreams to slog it out for a place in the CL quarter finals. A classic encounter that’s been played throughout the ages, the most successful team in England and the most successful team in Spain delicately sit at one a piece.

All eyes are on a certain ex-Man U attacker in the well-groomed shape of Cristiano Ronaldo. Not a lot has changed over the years. Cut back ten years and the situation wasn’t much different, all eyes were still on a Ronaldo. A currently more deadly Ronaldo. One a bit… softer round the edges.

Before Messi, before C-Ron, before Kaka, and before Ronaldinho there was an attacker that teams feared more than any other, and didn’t he show why against United. His first, an individual strike that demonstrates his lethality. His second, a masterclass of intense possession football and movement. His third, a powerful dipping finish from distance. This is the night (fat) Ronaldo scored at hattrick at Old Trafford:

Sure Cristiano is going to cause hell for United tonight. But they can be glad that the original Ronaldo isn’t there.



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