Evra’s Fake Arm, Suajaws, and Four Other Suarez Bite Memes

Luis Suarez bit Branislav Ivanovic’s arm on Sunday. Didn’t you know? Fair enough, it did fall under the radar a bit. It’s not being treated like a war crime with the Prime Minister commenting on it or anything…

Everyone’s talking match bans, expulsion from the Premier League, even a police charge. But we all the know the best punishment is to be universally mocked on the internetz. So have a gander at some of the best pics from ‘bitegate’.

Standard Motto

Image from  quickmeme.com

The Blues’ Range of Protective Gear

Image from Twitter/@juanmata10fans

Duuuudu Duuuudu…

Image from forum.lowyat.net

The Special Relationship between Manager and Player

Image from Soccermemes

Evra Shows His Classy Side

Image from thesun.co.uk

And from Yesterday’s Match Review, Stephen Ong’s Rendering of the Horror

More Madness here: Stephen Ong

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One thought on “Evra’s Fake Arm, Suajaws, and Four Other Suarez Bite Memes

  1. […] should sell him, David Cameron said the FA needed to come down hard on him, and the internet is mocking him profusely with a mix of fun and […]

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