Legend: Single Fan Makes Up Brommapojkarna Away Support

At the end of last year I featured a story about the legendary fan Arrigo Brovedani, who was the only Udinese fan to attend an away game. Never, we thought, would we see the similar likes of loyalty, dedication, and in a way, tragedy. Well Ander Ung has proven those assumptions foolish.

Although not quite on the same scale as the Italian big boys Udinese, Brommapojkarna  are in the top-tier of Swedish football, the Allsvenskan. Currently battling relegation, the club is notable for being the largest football club in Europe in terms of active teams – an organisational nightmare of 247 teams featuring 3000 players were recorded in 2007.

Anyway, t’other day they played an away game to mid-table Mjallby in their 7500 capacity stadium with one single fan turning up to cheer on the Bromma Boys.

‘Where are ya? Where are ya?’

Despite witnessing a 4-2 defeat, Ung sung for his team throughout the game, and his dedication was rewarded in the end when one-time Man United player and Brommapojkarna midfielder Bojan Djordjic (who was actually United young player of the year in 1999) called him up after the game.

“When I saw him, in his shirt, singing and cheering by himself, I decided I had to do something. So I’m going to pay for him to travel to a game of his choice and he’ll get to meet the lads.”

You have to lift up people like that. I got his number last night and called him from our bus – the warmth and the joy in his voice was unbelievable. He deserves this.”

So now Ang gets a paid VIP trip to next Bromma game he fancies, which is no less than he deserves.

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