4 Best Goals Of The Champions League: Round 1

Well the eye feasting fest that is the Champions League came back this week and provided fans all over Europe the chance to gobble up some world-class football.

No longer did we have to try to sate our insatiable appetite with Hull v Norwich, instead we were able bathe in such delights as Ibrahimovic’s mesmeric assist, Messi and Ronaldo bagging hat-tricks, and Dortmund’s Jurgen Klopp going absolutely green mean machine on an official.

Seriously, watch the video – never has a man come closer to exploding

But deep down we’re all there for dem goalz, so without further ado – let’s lap up the best Europe has to offer:

Vladimir Weiss for this unbelievable tricky run with mercury feet:

Cristiano Ronaldo for scoring a goal that only he could score; completely marked, step overs, power finish:

Yaya Toure for this unstoppably accurate shot:

Mohamed Salah and Basel for this delightful one-touch team goal:

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