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4 Best Goals Of The Champions League: Round 2

Check out Round 1 here.

More mismatched ties in this week’s round than the previous one was always going to mean more goals, and it didn’t disappoint. Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Olympiakos, and Dortmund all crumpled their opponents with crisp play that lead to effective goals and comfortable wins.

Meanwhile, Man United let a fortunate win slip to a draw against Shakhter, Arsenal defeated Napoli with a searing opening 20 minutes, and Man City found out just how powerful a real super-team is when they became Bayern Munich’s submissive for the night.

Might as well just laid down in the goal and hoped…

But we’re not here for results, we’re here for goals! Feast on these beauties:

Mesut Oezil for striking a pacey ball from the right with his left instep and fading it left – all while making it look he was just down the park:

Julian Draxler for striking a volley that didn’t need power because his boot is actually made from da Vinci’s paintbrush:

Jens Hegeler for his inch perfect 90th minute free-kick that seemed to pick up pace and was getting harder to save with every spin:

Radim Reznik (O.G) for this absolutely disgusting own goal that made Hart look like Gianluigi Buffon in terms of net protection:




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Euro 2012 Players to Watch: Group B

Well that was something wasn’t it? Yesterday the Euros burst into life with the first game dishing us up event after event, and the second game plating up a spectacular Russian team. And we gobbled it up didn’t we? Like football deprived prisoners.

Poland and Greece decided to drop a man to the bench to keep it interesting with Poland’s Dortmund connection providing one goal and the pacey Dimitris Salpigidis leveling for the Greeks after impossible odds. We then got to witness a flawed Czech Republic flounder under the force of chance-a-minute Russia. Advocaat’s Ruskis looked truly threatening with their Eastern take on total football.

What’s today got in store then…

Netherlands – Arjen Robben

You know the Dutch are good, you don’t need me to tell you how to suck eggs. But you do need me to tell you to watch someone with an egg head. Robben didn’t have a great season, he missed a crucial penalty in Bayern’s title fail and spent the Champions League final converting tries. One of the original reverse wingers in the Premier League, he will always cut inside. All game. Even when he won’t this time because it went wrong the last four times – he will. And when they finally anticipate it, outside he goes. As lethal as he is annoying.

Of course Wesley is always worth a watch, check out what he pulled in training this morning:

Prediction: Can’t seem them toppling old rivals Germany but are too good not to pass through the group.

Denmark – Christian Eriksen

The 20 year old Danish footballer of the year is a real talent. A product of the fabled Ajax academy, Eriksen fits somewhere between van der Vaart and Sneijder – capable of finishing but much more comfortable providing assists as a number 10. He looked reasonable against the big boys in the Champions League and has become an integral part of the Danish attack.

Prediction: They will be underestimated – and for good reason, the group is too strong for them. 

Germany – Mesut Oezil

Where to begin with this team? They are as powerful on the pitch as they are financially.

‘What financial power?’

Just look at the goalscoring quality: tournament specialist Miroslav Klose (he will score) and Messi tally chaser Mario Gomez, Arsenal bound lefty Lukas Podolski, the pig climber himself Bastian Schweinsteiger, and young prodigy Thomas Mueller ( I know right). All huge threats in the right moment, and the man to make that moment is the ‘only 80 minutes please’ maestro Oezil. Look for assists galore.

Prediction: Surely will finish top of the group.

Portugal – Fabio Coentrao

Avoiding the obvious man sized ken doll that is CR9, Coentrao was one of the best players to break through at 2010 South Africa which earned him a place at some team called Real Madrid. Good in attack, good in defence, with a mind to read moves that betrays his age – the young left back will be looking to follow up on the 2010.. oh screw just watch Ronaldo because his season has been howmanygoalsshutthehellup.

Prediction: Ronaldo isn’t a team, nearly, but not. The Dutch and Germans will prove too strong.


Group C tomorrow folks

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